Why it's Essential to Repair Windscreen Chips Quickly

Don't underestimate the impact of those small chips left by rocks on your windscreen. They have a sneaky way of growing into bigger problems. Discover how a quick windscreen repair can save you from costly expenses down the line. As soon as you notice any damage to your windscreen, make sure to cover it right away. You can use everyday items like packing tape or book contact to keep dirt and water out, ensuring a better finished repair.

How can you identify a stone chip?

If you've ever had debris bounce off your windscreen while driving, it's a good idea to check for chips as soon as you safely stop your vehicle.

You're looking for small nicks or cracks that are five millimetres or less – about the size of a quarter – with radiating cracks no longer than 50 millimetres. There are four basic shapes that can help you identify these small cracks:

  • Star break: A central crack with radiating smaller cracks, resembling a star.
  • Bullseye break: A circular rock chip with a central point.
  • Half-moon break: A partially circular bullseye break.
  • Combination break: A circular shape like a bullseye with radiating cracks similar to the star crack.

Why are stone chips in your windscreen a problem?

At first glance, a stone chip may not seem like a big deal, but it's actually bad news. It creates an avenue for moisture, air, and dirt to penetrate the layers of your windscreen. If the chip is in your line of vision from the driver's seat, it can distort your view of the road. In some cases, windscreen replacement may be necessary to comply with roadworthy laws.

Leaving a stone chip exposed to the elements for an extended period weakens your windscreen, especially when subjected to extreme temperature changes. That seemingly harmless chip can quickly turn into an irreparable crack. In fact, approximately 90% of stone chips near windscreen edges eventually become cracks.

Repair stone chips in your windscreen promptly

Addressing a stone chip soon after it occurs comes with several advantages beyond avoiding the sight of an unsightly crack creeping across your windscreen. Fresh stone chip repairs are faster, with your vehicle being ready in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

You may even pay less or nothing at all, as most insurance companies prefer to cover the cost of stone chip repairs instead of pricier alternatives. This smaller repair job might not affect your deductible either. However, if you allow a stone chip to develop into a line crack, you'll face the need for windscreen replacement, which is more complicated and expensive. And your insurance company may not cover the full cost.

Do I need a repair shop to fix a stone chip?

While there are DIY kits available for stone chip repair at home, it's best to bring your vehicle to an auto glass company like Premier Windscreens to ensure accurate diagnosis and repair. Our experts can identify any windscreen damage and recommend the correct repair solution. Our knowledgeable technicians are equipped with high-quality resins, tools, and drying equipment to perform reliable repairs in a controlled environment. Rest assured, we prioritise the best quality and longest-lasting windscreen chip repairs.

At Premier Windscreens, we're not just here to do a job; we're your reliable partners in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your vehicle's glass. We go the extra mile to provide you with convenient and top-notch service. Trust us to keep your windscreen in excellent condition, ensuring your peace of mind on the road.

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