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How Modern Windscreens Are Made

Modern windscreens are made up of two sheets of safety glass and a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between that is laminated together with heat and pressure in a special oven. This process produces a strong, protective material that is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Woman adjusting windscreen mirror in car
Why Summer Heat Can Worsen Windscreen Damage

Summer heat isn't just uncomfortable for us but can also worsen windscreen cracks, even the smallest chip, due to sudden and dramatic temperature changes. Glass expands with heat, and any exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight can weaken the area where there is a chip or crack, causing the damage to worsen. In some cases, cracks can get longer and spread across the glass to such an extent that a full windscreen replacement is necessary.

Also, our human reaction to the heat can add to the problem. When we get into a hot car, we usually crank up the air conditioning, putting it on the lowest temperature setting and turning it on full blast. However, this sudden blast of cold air onto the hot glass can put enormous stress on the windscreen. If there’s a weak spot, the crack could quickly spread, causing the need for a replacement. Here's what you can do to prevent further damage:

  1. Start your car's air conditioning on low to avoid any dramatic temperature change.
  2. Open the windows to promote air circulation and lower the internal temperature.
  3. Angle the vents downwards, away from the windscreen.
  4. Gradually adjust the air conditioning settings instead of cranking it up all at once.

Don't Delay Fixing Windscreen Damage

Don't let the arrival of warmer weather lull you into complacency when it comes to fixing windscreen damage. If you've noticed any signs of damage, chips, or cracks, get them fixed as soon as possible because the hot weather can make them worse. At Premier Windscreens, we offer fast, convenient, and effective mobile repairs intended to restore your windscreen to its optimal function. As a family-owned and operated business here on the Gold Coast with over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise necessary to ensure the job is done right.