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Premier Windscreens have been the auto glass experts on the Gold Coast for all heavy vehicles, truck windscreens and more.
Time is money, so we stock the widest range of windscreens for the most popular makes and models to get your truck/vehicle back on the road sooner.

We are the preferred dealership supplier to;
Gold Coast Isuzu, Scifleet Hino, Volvo Trucks & Commercial Vehicles and Daimler Trucks

Plus we regularly service Trucks & Fleet Vehicles for;
Diesel Leaders, Diesel Services QLD, Goodalls Transport, RBK Heavy Trucks, Hanson Quarries, Nucon Concrete, plus many more.

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Premier Windscreens is Family Owned & Operated on the Gold Coast for the last 25+ Years

Premier Windscreens are a family owned, opperated local gold coast business offering the best prices, honest advice, Fast and professional Auto Glass Services to keep your truck, vehicle and fleet on the road earning you money.

We Understand time is money and offer both convinience of our Mobile onsite service (Servicing Yatala, Ormeau, Stapylton, down to Burleigh, Currumbin and everywhere in between.) Or visit us in our Workshop just off Exit 69 in Nerang. 

Truck & Heavy Vehicle Windscreens are Changing - Learn More Below
There are two types of truck windscreens
Urethane Bonded Windscreens

Urethane bonded trucks are becoming the norm as they are updated. This is because the windscreen is a part of the structural integrity of the truck cab. It is a completely different process to remove and replace the windscreen. First mouldings around the window need to be removed to gain access to the glass itself. The glass is then removed using either a drag knife blade or WRD wire out system. The surface is then prepared to receive the new urethane glue and the new glass has moulds fitted ready to be installed. Once the new glass is installed and secured in place for the drying process it needs to sit for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably 2 hour so the bond between the cab and glass is sufficient to drive the truck. Again 1 hour is a good amount of time to allow for fitting, but extra time may be needed if the truck has parts to be removed to gain access to the glass.

Rubber Fit Windscreens

Rubber fit trucks are traditionally easier and quicker to fit and have the advantage of once the windscreen has been fitted the truck can be driven straight away. That is not to say that it can be a do it yourself job, the windscreen needs to be removed and replaced in such a way that the integrity of the rubber holding it in is not compromised. Splits, rips and incorrect fitting can cause leaks and in worst cases the screen to fall out of the body. The process involves the rubber being loosen from the body of the cab whilst applying consistent pressure, once the glass is out it needs to be removed from the rubber. The rubber is then fitted to the new windscreen and a suitable rope is put into the flap of rubber that secures it to the body. The glass is installed and the rope pulled out so the rubber goes over the pinch weld of the cab, the fitter needs to ensure it is fully over the pinch weld and is seated to give the correct seal to the body. In some instances a non-skinning mastic needs to be put in the rubber to ensure a water tight seal. One hour is usually a good time to get a rubber fit windscreen changed, but if there are parts to be removed and replaced to get the glass out it may take longer.