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Your Windscreen, Windows, Rear and Quarter Glass are crucial for maintaining your vehicle's structural integrity and safety. Premier Windscreens offers comprehensive & affordable windscreen repairs & replacement services both in our workshop in Nerang, or On-site throughout the Gold Coast for all vehicles big and small.

We are family Owned & Operated and have been proudly serving the needs of the Gold Coast for over 25 years, with our good-old fashioned quality services. Trust us to care for your vehicle like our own, with expertise and professionalism. This is the Premier Windscreens difference.

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Stone Chip Repair

If a stone chip is left unattended, it can lead to further cracking and compromise your windscreen's integrity. Premier Windscreens can repair stone chips smaller than a 5-cent piece, preventing further damage and ensuring your safety.

Types of Windscreen Chips & Cracks

Can your Stone Chip be Repaired?

We don't make random choices to either repair or replace your windscreen. Instead, we are acting according to guidelines set out in Australian New Zealand Safety Standard AS/NZS 2366.1-1999 with specific criteria regulating when a windscreen chip or crack can be repaired.

Where Is the Chip or Crack Located?

Your windscreen is split into two sections: the Critical Vision Area (CVA) is a section the width of the steering wheel, extending from the top to the bottom of the windscreen immediately in front of the driver, and the Primary Vision Area (PVA) is the rest of the windscreen. Chips and cracks within the CVA have different criteria controlling whether they can be repaired or require the windscreen to be replaced. Additionally, cracks that start and end at the edge of your windscreen also limit whether a repair is possible.

The Size of the Chip or Crack

A crack cannot be longer than 25mm when situated in the CVA, and 100mm outside the CVA. Chips, however, are divided into four primary types, with each type having different size limits depending on where it is located. This can be as little as 2mm if in the CVA, and up to 30mm if outside the CVA, with a Crater being the most restricted in terms of size. But an autoglass technician will also need to assess the depth of any crack or chip before deciding whether a repair is possible. Windscreens consist of two layers of glass bonded together by a layer of laminate. If the crack or chip has penetrated the first layer of glass all the way to the laminate a repair will probably not be possible, especially if delamination is already visible.

Evidence of Past Repairs

Windscreens cannot be repaired indefinitely, and one of the first things our technicians will look for is signs of past repairs to the windscreen. If there are signs of eight or more repairs anywhere on the windscreen, replacement will be necessary. But even if the windscreen has been repaired less than eight times, replacement could still be necessary. There cannot be more than two repairs within the CVA, but the technician will also use an overlay template – centred on the new damage – to evaluate the impact of other past repairs. If any past repairs fall partially or fully within the overlay area, further repairs will also not be possible.

The above criteria highlight why even though you could attempt to repair a windscreen chip or crack yourself, you should always have it done professionally to avoid putting yourself and other road users at risk. And a professional autoglass replacement and repair service provider should always explain why a repair is not possible, and you shouldn’t be reluctant to ask if they don’t offer up an explanation.

Got Questions?
We prioritise providing a quick response to your calls and often can perform same-day service for necessary windscreen repairs.

Why Choose Premier Windscreens?

Expert Windscreen Repair Services

Our professionals specialise in windscreen and other auto glass repairs, including stone chip repairs and other repairable damages. We assess what's repairable and what's not, ensuring you feel confident that the quoted repair or replacement was 100% nessesary to keep you and your family safe.

Wide Range of Options for all Budgets

We fully understand, the financial and other stress of unexpected repairs may incur. That's why Premier Windscreens proudly offers Genuine, Aftermarket, and occasionaly Second-hand windscreen options to best suit your budget. Note: Most insurers opt for aftermarket as they all meet the same Australian standards & In some cases, for cars with super sensitive ADAS sensors, a genuine windscreen might be required.

Safety First

Damaged windscreens compromise your safety and that of your family. A new/undamaged windscreen provides about 47% of a vehicle's strength in the event of a rollover. Don't risk your safety—get your windscreen repaired or replaced promptly.

Specialised Services (Custom Glass for Classics Cars, Hot Rods etc.)

From hot rods to classic cars, to custom glass in anything on wheels, we are proud to go above and beyond to template, source, and fit custom glass. We Treat all cars like our own, Rest assured, your prized possession is in safe hands with our family-owned business.

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Stone Chip Repairs from as little as $85
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DISCLAIMER: Windscreen Service Advisory To all our valued customers, please note the following important information regarding our windscreen services:
Removal of Items from Rear View Mirror: It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that any items hanging from the rear view mirror are removed prior to the commencement of any windscreen work. This includes but is not limited to air fresheners, parking passes, decorative items, or any other objects attached to the mirror.
Liability for Damages: We wish to inform our customers that we will not be liable for any damages to items hanging from the rear view mirror during the windscreen service. Our focus is on providing a safe and quality service, and the presence of these items can pose risks to both the vehicle and our technicians.
Your Cooperation Is Appreciated: We kindly ask for your cooperation in this matter to ensure a smooth and efficient service. Removing these items in advance helps us to provide the best care for your vehicle.

Thank you for your understanding and for choosing Premier Windscreens for your Auto Glass needs.