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Car Window Replacement Services on the Gold Coast

Premier Windscreens are the Gold Coast experts on all car windscreens. We stock the widest range of windscreens for the most popular makes and models.


Every car model has a windscreen unique in size and shape, designed specifically to fit. For that reason there isn't one price for every make and model.          


When it comes to pricing

You might think the windscreen is simply a curved sheet of glass; a window in front of you. It’s much more than that.

The windscreen is a key component for structural integrity, supporting your car’s roof and adding rigidity in case your car rolls over.

The windscreen is made of two sheets of glass with a clear plastic layer between them. These layers are fused together in a process known as lamination, which adds strength to the glass layers.


If you’ve seen a smashed windscreen, the laminating process is what keeps the glass pieces all together and not harmful projectiles into the driver and passengers.

A windscreen should not have any damage obstructing the view.


Giving a quote to fit a new windscreen as a ‘one price fits all’ is very difficult. Windscreens for cars are specifically made to shape and size for each make, model and year of manufacture and depending on these factors and if it has any sensors etc on the glass can vary the price of a new one anywhere from $200 to over $2000.


As a basic rule, if the vehicle is a standard model and very common, ie commodore, hilux we can start the windscreens can cost in the region of $230 fitted. If it is a late model, imported car with full ADAS sensors, a genuine glass and calibration may be required. This is when the price goes up considerably.

So perhaps as a guide we could group the windscreens into price ranges


Standard popular cars (commodore hilux camry etc) $230-$250 + any mouldings required

Standard imported vehicles (Ford Focus, Holden Cruze older BMW Mercedes etc)  $325-$350 + moulds


Rain Sensored windscreens (any make/ model) $450-$700

ADAS equipped vehicles $800 (aftermarket) or POA for Genuine + moulds and calibration $1000+


It is always best to contact us to get an obligation free quote so that you know exactly what you are up for.



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We also have a large range of used glass available, that may save you even more!


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