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Why Compromise Your Safety When You Can Get Prompt, Affordable Windscreen Replacement and Repair Services!

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Welcome to Gold Coast leading authority in windscreen repair. We, at Premier Windscreens, are equipped with skilled specialists in windscreen repair backed by years of experience. Our goal is to provide excellent quality services that our clients can take pride in.


Our services are priced at reasonable rates suited to any budget. We always strive to deliver satisfaction guaranteed results that our customers can gladly commend to others.


Our genuine and reliable services are something that we are truly proud of. We do our job professionally because we put our customers’ safety first.


If you want peace of mind in ensuring the safety of your family while on the road, then you have come to the right authority. With our undisputed services, you can gain total confidence knowing that your windscreen repair is done by a committed team of experts.


We, at Premier Windscreens understand that even the tiniest chip or crack can put your vehicle’s windscreen into further damage, leading to a costly replacement. Or worse, it can put you and your family’s safety at risk.


Hence, we insist that you get your chipped or cracked windscreen repaired immediately. And don’t just choose a company that won’t cut it. Always go for proven and trusted solution, like what we have in store for you.


We can fix your damaged windscreen and bring back its structural integrity and safety.


We offer affordable, prompt windscreen repair services to leave you no excuse for putting off this important repair.


We are about pleasing the customer and providing friendly professional service.


At the end of the day we keep our price affordable for the average Australian. We are amazed to see how many customers will go away and tell 10 mates how great the team at premier windscreens are.


We choose to keep it real because we are REAL. .

Premier windscreens offer professional and prompt service.
No job is too big or too small for us; from gluing your rear view mirror back on to fitting windscreens to big kenworth trucks.
Do you have a dozer that had rocks thrown at it?
We come on site and cut flat laminated glass and fit it to your machine.
So whenever you notice any chip or crack in your vehicle’s windscreen, think of Premier Windscreens.
We are your one-stop solution for windscreen repair and replacement.
Call Premier Windscreens Today at 07 5527 2430

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The purpose of our business is to provide an affordable service next to none and continue to be the leader of the industry and strive and soar to new heights in our business delivery.

The coasts largest and leading provider for all automotive and flat machinery glass, also not to mention the number one recommended repairer for all major insurance companies.

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Windscreen Replacement
Side & Rear Glass
Stone-Chip Repair
Heavy Equipment Flat Glass
Commercial Vehicle Glass
Custom Glass
Hot-Rods & Early Vehicles
Glass Tinting
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repair detail
Side &Rear Glass
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Stone &Chip Repair
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HeavyEquipment Flat Glass
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CommercialVehicle Glass
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Hot Rods &Early Vehicles
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